kaijufanboys asked:

What tips would you give to a struggling artist and how the hell do you draw hair and perfect anatomy?! What tutorials/sites are best do you think? ((I'm so sorry I'm bombarding you with questions!))

No apologies required!  I’m glad to help as much as I am able!

Drawing hair.

I hate hair.  I’m really bad at it.  One of my favorite artists Nate Van Dyke says that artists are really just good at hiding their weak points.  That’s me with hair.  To get around doing my homework I cheat a LOT, which apparently hides the the fact that I’m bad at it since you thought I might be the guy to ask.  I could point out how I cheat but that will do the exact opposite of help you get better.

So with that said….   Times I’ve noticed that I’ve made genuine improvements in drawing hair was when I did the following:  I wanted to draw interesting hair on a character I had created, and I couldn’t come up with anything on my own.  I mean, what am I?  A hairdresser?  No.  I don’t think so.  So, I googled Female or Male Hairdos.  Seriously.  Then I just scrolled through the image search until I found one that was interesting and tried drawing it on a head.  I’ve done that a couple times and each time I learned something about how hair moves, twists and deforms around the human head.  I need to do it more, so thanks for reminding me.  That’s how I did it anyway.  I’ve heard people say you should break down hair into major masses, like clumps or sheets or ribbons and draw just the masses, but I’ve never been able to figure that out.

Perfect anatomy is easy.  Go draw some people.  Go to life drawing classes, google pictures of people doing parkour and draw those so you can do anatomy in motion.  If you want to draw superheroes google body builders.  Google, shutterstock, iStockphoto are your friends.  This one is going to sound weird, and it’s hard to do without looking like a creep, but just go with me on this.  I started going to a gym in the last year or so in an attempt to not become a gross human blob.  Being around people that work out seems to have somehow instilled additional knowledge of how people are put together and I can now draw them pretty well.  Seriously.  Since starting at the gym I’ve gotten MUCH better at drawing people… maybe because I’m aware that I like to draw and I’m around dudes that look like superheroes and stuff so I notice how all the pieces are put together more?  Maybe??  One piece of advice: DON’T STARE.  ;)

I subscribe to a bunch of YouTube drawing channels… Jake Parker, MrJackArt, Will Terrell, Proko, Sycra.  They’re all fun resources.  If you want hardcore anatomy lessons, Sycra is the dude.  He gets DETAILED.  Muscle names that sound like lessons in Latin, striations and contours so you understand how the muscle fibers flow… He’s awesome.

I don’t know how helpful this actually is, but it’s how I do it and I’m not professionally trained or anything… this is all just how this one guy (me) poked through learning stuff on his own.

Take this knowledge, and build with it… AN EMPIRE, MY FRIEND!